Online Therapy Software

Online Therapy Software

- Online PT, OT, and ST software for contract home health therapy businesses

Looking For Online Therapy Software?

Online Therapy Software (in a partnership with TherapySync) has pioneered the benchmark for Therapy Software! We have had our own therapy company for over 8 years now, so we face the same problems as you do. Our software was literally designed by therapists to be the most thorough, user friendly, and easiest software on the market today. There is no other software out there that will compare with ours. Like I said, we have been, and currently are, in the same business as you are, so we deal with the same things day in, and day out. The only difference is, with our software, we have reduced the day to day stresses by making everything interactive, and automated. Get ready to experience the future. Below you will find some of the key features of our one of a kind software!

Say Goodbye To Your Fax Machine.

Your fax machine has been the main mode of communication for you for years, but just as trains and airplanes took over the pony express, your fax machine can now be transformed into an ottoman! Our software allows nursing agencies to send referrals over the Internet straight to your personal in box on your custom web site. That is not all, you will never have to scramble to the fax machine to get that record faxed to the nursing agency. In fact, you will never have to fax them anything, because all of the records they need are right there, available for them to print.

Integrated Scheduling and Documentation.

Are you over whelmed with stacks of documents taking up all the room in your vehicle? You can put those in the shredder, because our medicare compliant documentation is all on your computer, patient signatures, and all. All Scheduling is built into the system, and all available to be checked, or modified at the click of a mouse. You will find yourself getting all of your daily duties done without sending a single fax, or making a single phone call.

Don't Stress Out Over Billing/Payroll.

We remember the days when we would spend our days figuring out the Billing, and Payroll. We realize that in our line of work, time is the most precious thing to us, so we built the system to do it for us. With our software, you can cut the time it takes you to do billing from a day or two to an hour or two. Our user friendly Billing and Payroll system makes it easier than ever for you to bill accurately, and effectively. Take all of the guesswork out with real time Billing and Payroll.

And That Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

We could literally write page after page of Features and Benefits of our software, but we believe you are probably already wanting to get your hands on this software and experience the piece of mind for yourself. Go ahead and check out Services and then schedule a demo of our product. If you are ready to make your life easier right now ,contact us and let's get the ball rolling!

Online Therapy Software is a business in a box.