Online Therapy Software

Online Therapy Software

- Online PT, OT, and ST software for contract home health therapy businesses

We Offer Online Therapy Software as a Service (SaaS)

You have been searching for software that will make your life easier, but keep coming up with out patient programs that are far from what you need for this unique type of business. What you are lacking is a software that is based solely on solving YOU and YOUR contract therapy companies problems. Those problems are as follows (but not limited to):

Missing Documentation

Material Costs

Illegible Referrals

Past Due Documentation

Documentation Errors

Billing/Payroll Mistakes

Lack of Communication

Working On Your Days Off

Slow Growth Of Business

No Time To Focus On Marketing

Lack Of Therapist Monitoring

As you can see, we were in the same boat as you, and we want to help you succeed.

We have been in the business for years, and we have learned a lot through trial and error, and have taken all of the pitfalls out of this unique software so you don't have to. Not only do we offer world class software, but our professional consultation, our personalized technical support, your own legal documentation for your business and our knowledgeable IT staff to help make well informed decisions to help your business prosper and grow exponentially. Let's face it, there is no other company out there offering the caliber of software we do. No one!

Click below to schedule a demo or speak to someone about the software - you will be redirected to our partner (TherapySync) and they will help you get started. Do not forget to mention the 10% off special by using the code: ONLINETHERAPY!
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The features of online therapy software will amaze you.